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Funding for COVID-19 research

There are two main UK-wide opportunities for research funding related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are keen to encourage Welsh institutions and researchers to play a full part in responding to the urgent research needs associated with the pandemic and its impact. These opportunities are UK-wide rolling funding calls with no deadline – applications will be assessed and reviewed as they are submitted, to an accelerated timescale. 

National Institute for Health Research and the Medical Research Council

This call is administered by the National Institute for Health Research and the Medical Research Council - a UK-wide process agreed with the devolved administrations, which spans the respective remits of the Medical Research Council, National Institution for Health Research and devolved administration equivalents. The scheme provides a national portal as a single point of entry for both research funding submissions and the prioritisation of funded projects seeking NHS delivery resource.  

UK Research and Innovation

This call is administered by UK Research and Innovation, seeks projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Applications are accepted via the UKRI website where further information can be found, including the criteria for projects.

Global Effort on COVID-19 (GECO) Health Research

Applied health research to address COVID-19 knowledge gaps. The focus is on understanding the pandemic and mitigating its health impacts in low and middle-income countries. The call prioritises epidemiology, clinical management, infection control and health system responses.

Funding: Up to £1 million for low and middle-income countries or UK-led projects

Deadline: Rolling call

NIHR launches new funding call for longer-term COVID-19 research

Today the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is launching a new UK wide call inviting applications to better understand and manage the health and social care consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic beyond the acute phase, and to help mitigate the impact of subsequent phases of the pandemic and its aftermath.

The current joint UK Research and Innovation/NIHR rolling research call funds ‘urgent’ COVID-19 related research which will have an impact within 12 months. But as we move beyond the initial acute phase of the pandemic, this new call will sit alongside the rolling call, with a specific focus on research to inform policy and the recovery of the health, care and public health systems from the pandemic, with outcomes typically within 24 months.