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Take part in research

Health and social care research helps change and improve people’s lives. Research helps us learn how to prevent illnesses and understand their causes, diagnose them earlier, create better and more effective treatments and provide the best care.

Without research, many of the treatments and types of care that we routinely receive today  wouldn’t be available.

Members of the public have an essential role to play, since without people like you agreeing to take part in research studies these improved treatments and care wouldn’t exist.

How do I take part?

Taking part in a research study can look different depending on what the research is about.  Clinical research is about trialling medicines and treatments and may ask for blood or tissue samples, other types of research may be about improving the support that a service provides and could involve you completing questionnaires.  

You will always be provided full information about what is expected before you decide to participate in a study and consent to take part.

If you are interested in taking part in a study you can:

  • Speak to your health or social care professional to find out about any studies you might be suitable for.
  • Visit Be Part of Research: an online service that helps people find studies to take part in and how to volunteer.
  • Sign up to HealthWise Wales a national study for anyone living in or accessing health services in Wales aged 16 and over

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